When to Use Our Services?

What We Check within the Service

Structural stability – cracks, defects, condition of load-bearing structures, stability

Basements – hydro-insulation, thermal insulation, quality of construction work

Windows – function, seals, damaged windowsills, condensation risks

Stucco – planeness, surface quality, we’ll reveal low-quality technologies

Roof – access, workmanship, risks of thermal leakage, roof truss treatment, condition of vents, vapour-proof insulation

Water and sewage – quality of workmanship of drainage and connection pipes

Heating – heating source and its function. Heating costs. Condition of heat distribution.

Electrical wiring – inspection, tidiness of fuse boxes, installation quality, condition of low-voltage equipment

Floors – levelness for laying the wear layer, acoustic insulation, expansion joints

What Equipment We Use

Aktuality Bytecheck - Vybavení inspektora

As our standard, we use laser measuring, endoscopes, inclinometers, contactless thermometers, hygrometers, and air flow meters.

In certain cases, we recommend using thermal imaging, which will show missing thermal insulation and excessive leakage of heat.

Price Quote

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Prices are VAT inclusive. Travel fees are included in the price for properties within a 20 km radius of Prague, Brno, and Ostrava. In all other cases, we charge CZK 9/km.

If the property features heat recovery ventilation or is an intelligent home, prices are established on a per-case basis.