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Why us?

We’ll determine the actual condition of new constructions as well as older properties; we save you money and limit claims.

We introduced the term, “property inspection” to the Czech market.

We’ll examine the technical state of the property in detail and protect your interests with the help of sophisticated inspection methodologies, top-of-the-line equipment, and expertise.

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We’re experienced engineers, architects, experts, claims technicians, and have many years of experience with technical supervision.

The company founder is Ing. Pavel Štáf, MRICS, who has a great deal of knowledge about property inspection from abroad, where it is considered a fundamental part of the real estate market.

The entire team is made up of professionals with years of experience!

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    Invoice Information:

    Bytecheck s.r.o.
    Karlovo náměstí 17
    120 00 Praha 2
    Business ID No.: 29296790
    Banking information: 9639103001/5500
    The company is listed in the register
    at the Municipal Court in Prague, section C, number 264435