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Property inspection

Property inspection refers to the examination of the structural and technical conditions of a given property, carried out by qualified inspectors. The property inspection procedure functions on a commercial basis, i.e. it is not the work of a state supervisory authority or institution; likewise, it cannot be commissioned by any such public administration authority.

Property inspector

A property inspector is a person with education in the field of civil engineering, sufficient experience and the relevant legal authorization necessary for the performance of activities associated with technical and engineering inspections; in addition, a qualified property inspector has received the necessary training from Bytecheck s.r.o. Inspectors have not been appointed on a legal or other basis by any state authority or supervisory body.

Preliminary technical building inspection

A preliminary technical building inspection includes a description of all defects and deficiencies associated with the technical state of a given property and the verification of the current state of all construction-related and technical aspects against information provided by the seller or their representative. This procedure is referred to as an inspection or a current property condition inspection.