New buildings prior to contract conclusion

We will ascertain the actual state of a new property before you make the purchase. Whether finished or still undergoing construction, you will always know what you are in for.


Property floor area _with the exception of balconies, garages or basement spaces


Our services – from start to finish

  • Contact us
  • Call us at 608 979 955 or fill out a simple form. We will answer your questions and arrange a personal meeting.

  • Property inspection
  • We will perform an inspection of the house or apartment and prepare a protocol. You will receive a comprehensive property inspection report
    in a matter of days, complete with a list of issues – and a price estimate of the repairs.

  • Payment
  • Following the submission of a detailed report evaluating the overall condition of the property, we will issue a receipt for services rendered.

  • Results
  • You will receive a priced list of specific defects which could result in an overly expensive renovation or hamper immediate rental in the event
    of a rash purchase.