Are you selling prime housing?

In case you are looking to sell prime property, we can help you reach an exclusive deal. Following inspection, you will receive a Certificate which will help you sell your house or apartment at a premium price.

How do our services work?

  • Contact us
  • Call us at 608 979 955 or fill out a simple form. We will answer your questions and exchange essential documentation.

  • Property inspection
  • We will perform a pre-inspection of the house or apartment and prepare a protocol. You will receive a comprehensive property inspection report in a matter of days, complete with a list of issues and their potential impact on future occupancy.

  • Payment
  • Following the submission of a detailed report evaluating the overall condition of the property, we will issue an invoice for services rendered.

  • Results
  • You will receive a document providing proof of the actual state of the property. You will be spared delays associated with the purchase and risk of claim settlements within the statute of limitations.