About Us

Bytecheck is a founding member of the Asociace inspektorů nemovitostí (Property Inspection Association). The company was founded in 2011. It has already carried out several thousand inspections since its founding. We have a large team of educated experts in construction with many years of experience. Our experts use top-of-the-line technical equipment and sophisticated methodologies that Bytecheck continues to innovate. Further testimony of our success are the excellent reviews by our customers, which is the main reason why we continue to move forward.

As an independent company, we protect the interests of clients purchasing new homes. Our inspectors will verify the condition of the property and will notify the client of potential risks prior to the purchase. For inspections of new constructions that the client is acquiring from the developer, the inspector will draw up a protocol with any defects or incomplete work. If needed, the inspector can then return and check to make sure whether the defects were eliminated in the way they should.

Why use our services?

  • You will know about any defects in the home before you are handed the keys
  • A home without any technical “skeletons in the closet”
  • An exact overview of the costs
  • Reduce the risk of a legal “tug-of-war” to a minimum
  • We’ll reveal defects that others aren’t able to
  • Repairs are arranged in a timely manner
    and free of charge

In older property inspections, on the other hand, inspectors will reveal possible defects that would require costly repairs in the future. The protocol will thus prepare the client for what they may expect in the future, how much the potential repairs would cost, and how the defects could be resolved. This means that there will be no surprises for the client after the purchase because they are informed about the condition of the property and know what to expect.

O nás - Best Practise

Among other things, Bytecheck has also created its own methodology for evaluating property quality. The practical Bytecheck Best Practice set of standards toughens existing construction norms, regulations, and legislation. Bytecheck’s goal is to help improve the quality of the Czech real estate market using new methodologies with pressure from inspectors and in collaboration with developers. A sample of our methodology can be viewed HERE.